Friday, October 5, 2007

Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei: Um...No....

I'm not going to say anything about this anime any more...

Score card (full score is 5):

Drama: 2
Comedy: 2
Action: N/A
Art/Animation: 3
Sound/Music: 2.5
Character: 4
Plot: N/A
Re-watch value: -1

Overall: 2

Recomendation: No


Anonymous said...

>_< sayonara zetsubou sensei is one of the best anime ever made, you're really a dumbass to not like it

The Evil Cat said...

Look at my earlier postings. I thought it was great first, too. The problem is its later episodes are not nearly as good as its earlier episodes. Though there are one or two good episodes among the second half, the series as a whole just didn't meet my expectation at all. Especially there has been much better comedy animes earlier this year.