Thursday, October 11, 2007

Higurashi Kai: Holy Crap

I've finished: Episode 13

Arc 8 just ended at episode 13. All puzzle pieces are presented, and everything is become clear. But man, I can see why they canceled airing of the series after the girl with axe incident. On the other hand, the story is bit too farfetched to be happening in real life, so a future ban of this series is very unlikely.

Now, since all mysteries are either solved or have known solutions, clearly, next arc going to be how all problems are solved so a grand finale can occur. It may need to go into extra details for this final arc, however, I think 11 episodes for a single arc is bit too long. There might be one of the extra arc to be included in the series after the next arc.

Richard's new rating (of 5): 4.8 (Net gain: +0.3)

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