Friday, November 29, 2019

Prodigies In Another World, still couldn't escape the Fan service.

Look at this lovely Tea Set! Doesn't it just absolutely follow naturally after

Last Seen: Episode 9

WHO thought that three uninterrupted minutes of Massage Room Fan Service was a good idea?

More importantly, why was there no one available to stop them?

Specifically, it was three minutes and fifteen seconds. There were literally already comments complaining about that on Crunchyroll, which is both simultaneously surprising, and highly validating for me. I guess I just might not be some screaming prudish idiot who lives under a rock yelling at the young whipper snappers to stop being so lewd, because back in my day and yadda yadda.

I hereby bet 5 imaginary dollars that someone, somewhere, was watching this episode and when someone walked into the room and saw literally any segment of that scene, asked them why they were watching Hentai Porn. Clearly, there's a lot of very happy artists and animators over in japan over this mythical "boobs and nipples are not explicit content anymore" or whatever I keep hearing rumors of every now and again.. and also see ever more evidence of as time passes. It must have been a pretty big thing to some parts of the internet, for it to have made its way through the rock I live under. Ultimately, I don't give any shits at all though.

Anywho, to get back to an actual point.
I hereby officially declare this show

Dead to Me.

August of 2018 was the last time I made a post that was not either: a show end, new show post, or bulk new and ending shows post. That was so long ago I had to look it up to remember if I had any formatting quirks for how I write off-the-cuff posts.

To be perfectly clear, this show isn't bad ... I guess. It's not going to blow anyone out of the park with some amazing or fascinating new development, but it's not a bad way to kill time. It certainly isn't a "Phantom World" that's going to make you wish you could have back all the time it just wasted to no good effect.

It's just...I remember talking recently in several posts about how important it is to properly frame your show in the first episode so your audience knows what to expect. I didn't quite expect for that to be so blatantly accepted by a studio. Remember the Nursing Scene in the first episode of this show? Yeah, don't just sweep that under the rug like I did, it was actually, like everything else in that first episode, 100% a sample of what you can expect to turn up in this show later. Actually, while I'm at it, I'm just going to go out of my way to do something a bit silly and present this show with a most prestigious award for

Best First Episode Presentation.

There's just literally no other way to describe it. That first episode is literally ALL you need, to know everything there is to know about what this show is like, and what it's going to do. Again, the entire duration of this 3 minutes of Fan Service was played very level headed, and at the end they even reveal it's all for the sake of a punchline!

Even though you know it's Fan Service, it's not acting like fan service and quite frankly...the longer it dragged on the more I wanted them to just kill me or someone in the room or literally anything to make it bloody stop. It's like someone's trying to tell you a joke, and it's already flopped in the first two seconds, but they just keep going for 10 minutes because they're so sure it's amazing and you're going to be on the floor rolling, and you just want to hang yourself to make the cringing stop because you are

dying on the inside.

Anywho, since "Dead to Me" is a fresh state of affairs, let me explain. Unless this show pulls a whale of a surprise out of its arse, I'm not going to bother writing any more posts about it, even the end post. I'm too much of a freak when it comes to patience for anyone to listen and wait for me to say "I dropped a show". At this point though, I highly doubt Prodigies in Another World has got anything else left to show us that we can't already anticipate. After all, they gave us a sample of literally all of it in the first episode, if you just pay close enough attention.

Probably the only thing that will get me to make another post is if they actually have some characters fuck in the show or something.


(by all that is good, Just No. Don't make me a Prophet)