Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October 2007 New Anime: Sketchbook ~ full colors ~

Link: (official) http://www.sketch-full.net/ (No English sub yet)
Genres: Light school drama / Light school comedy
I've watched:
Art style: Childish / a bit simplified

Recommended to: If you want to see a somewhat retarded comedy
Recommendation level: Follow along

Summary: The story is about sketching. The main character is a girl that likes to sketch everything, but afraid to talk to people. It's the story about her and her friends in the art club.

Richard's rating (of 5) - first impression: 3.5 ( +0.5 for retardation) = 4 - Retarded but interesting

Personal comments: It's a bit...retarded, and it feels pretty retarted just watching it too. But somehow it's interesting.

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