Thursday, October 25, 2007

Denno Coil: When SciFi becomes Fantasy

Currently finished: Episode 19

The latest episode of Denno Coil doesn't feel like a SciFi anime any more, it feels more like a traditional fantasy. The transition however, is almost unnoticeable, and the blending is almost perfect. You can map everything found in this SciFi world into something that would normally appears in a traditional fantasy world. The anime itself is really a fantasy that is translated into SciFi "language". Very interesting and unique idea.

New rating (out of 5): 4.95 (net gain: +0.15)

Award: Best SciFi Anime of 2007

Although it's not the end of 2007, nor is the end of the series, I'm still going to award Denno Coil best SciFi anime of 2007. Like I did to Darker than Black. By now I have seen all the new animes that came out in the last season of 2007, and there is none that could beat Denno Coil. Even though the ending of Denno Coil could still be disappointing, what I have seen so far is already enough to earn it the best SciFi of the year status regardless how it's going to end.


Anonymous said...

I'm really curious how it's so overrated at the outside of Japan. Perhaps just not that many people watch it?^^; I watched it for quite a bit and thought it was so so. Stop bothering with it after 16 because it was just so flat to me.

The setting seems kinda stupid to me from the start but gave it change still. Couldn't really stand the pace and how pointless most of the plot is so giving up. Character design isn't that attractive but obviously I'm past that. I really like some of the less known series like Gakuen Senki Muryou but this one just can't really keep me interested.

The Evil Cat said...

I don't know about "outside of Japan" because everything I say in my blog is strickly based of my personal opinion ;-)

I agree that the setting is a bit stupid from the start, and progressively getting worse (I've mentioned it in an earlier blog). But as I said in this post, once I start to look at it as a fantasy anime occurs in a scifi setting, it really isn't as ridiculous as you would think.

Personal opinions differ. I don't think either of us could convince the other about how good/bad this anime really is. Thanks for the comments though.