Saturday, November 28, 2009

[Dropped] Sasameki Koto: Slooooooooooow

No, I didn't drop this series because it's yuri. In fact, I normally am quite fond of yuri animes, it's yaoi that I can't stand. I'm dropping this solely because its plot development is way way way too slow to be interesting. It's so slow, it become unbearable.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Kampfer: Where is this heading?

Currently finished: Episode 8

Ok, aside from unnecessary fan service, random events that doesn't seem to help develop plot nor characters, there's really nothing going for this anime. The story itself, just keeps going around circles without making any real progress. By now it's already 2/3 way through the series, it has yet to show any real sign of where this thing is heading. I seriously doubt we can get anything meaningful out of this story.

Yet, according to my little poll, it still has a pretty strong hold no the 5th spot among all October new animes. I wonder what do people voted it for top 5 of the season see in this anime. It lacks a real plot to be a serious story, yet it doesn't feel like a plain comedy show because there are way too many other crap in it. Would one of you guys who voted this anime to be in the top 5 tell me why you like this anime?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Needless: Contradiction?

Currently finished: Episode 20

Yes, yes, I know I've been slacking off blogging. But lots have been happening in my real life, and real life matters always trump anime blogging. :-) What matters is that now I'm back in full power, expect lots of blog posts in next couple of days. Now back to the real topic...

Unlike previous episodes, this episode does not have any of those goofy fan service heavy scenes nor does it have any jokes that breaks the 4th wall which we're so accustom to by now. For the most part, this episode talks about the the back story that caused everything to become what it is right now.

The problem, is that something in this back story contradicts part of the background information that we've come to assume all this time. I hope they're not pulling a bait-and-switch on the back story and say "Surprise! What we've told you ain't true, this is the real back story." In my opinion, that is not much better than a Dues Ex Machina ending which is the worst plot devices I hate.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

[Dropped] 11 Eyes: Lame

I was not impressed by it to begin with. On top of that, more I watch, more it reminds me about bad stuff from Chaos; Head. It's the same ol' routine that appears in all animes with similar plots and there is nothing new. It just feels...lame. I should have dropped it long time ago when I first noticed it instead of keep hoping it'll become something better than Chaos; Head.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

White Album: Jenga!...Almost

Currently finished: Episode 19

First season, the Janga tower was built. Beginning of the second season, blocks are slowly taken away. In the last episode, one critical block was taken away. Now this Jenga tower leaning seriously towards one side and one wrong move could make everything crash down together. That, is what I'm waiting for.

Also, remember I said that this guy is too nice? Well, I take that back. I think this guy is just as much of a douche as any typical harem anime. They just presented him as a "nice" guy in the first season.

[Dropped] Miracle Train

At first, I thought it's going to be something like Bartender. But I was wrong. This is nothing like Bartender. Low grade humor, not so great story, this really isn't worth my time.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Asura Cryin 2: Heart Pounding

Currently finished: Episode 6

I know this is the third post about this series in two weeks, but I really couldn't say enough about how good this story has gotten. While many people still get hung up on some of the cheesy superficial elements of this anime, you ought to realize deep under, it possesses a very finely crafted plot.

To be honest, I wasn't impressed at all throughout the first season until the very final moment of the last episode. Even that was mostly due the my admiration for a well designed tragic plot. But this second season changed everything. Even though the first two episodes was still somewhat pointless and retarded, ever since episode three, they've been dropping one piece of the puzzle at a time to make you realize the real plot is much bigger than you have imaged. In fact, as for now, it's already convincing enough for me to put this series (1+2 as a whole) down as a strong contender of the Anime of the Year award.

Now, I just hope somebody would either translate the novel or the manga so that even the anime doesn't complete the story, there's a way to find out what really lies beneath all these.

Just in case I haven't gotten my point across to you yet: if you still haven't seen this anime, go download/watch it online NOW! The easiest way to get access to this series in its entirety so far is through