Saturday, October 13, 2007

October 2007 New Anime: Shugo Chara

Genres: Comedy / Children's / Magical girl
I've watched:
Art style: Slim / Childish

Recommended to: Um...people like magical animes
Recommendation level: Uh...Um...

Summary: An ordinary girl who has been misunderstood by everybody in school woke up one morning found three colorful eggs in her bed. They're her "guardians", and they posess magical powers that helps her to change her perception among her friends.

Richard's rating (of 5) - first impression: 3.8 - Better than average

Personal comments: It reminds me much of Mermaid Melody, which somehow got me helplessly hook for a while. While feeling extremely childish, there is something about this anime that I couldn't put down. I think part of it is due to its art style: the original work is done by Peach-Pit, the author of DearS, Rozen Maiden, and Zombie Loan. Also the comedy style, which is very similar to Peach-Pit's prior work as well.

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