Monday, October 29, 2007

Da Capo II: Better than the First Impression

Currently finished: Episode 3

Just like all the other new animes from October, the first episode of D.C. II did not leave me any good impression at all. Then it changed. Something in the next two episodes grabbed me. D.C. II is not like the previous series. It didn't start as a full comedy like the original Da Capo did. So far it's a light light comedy at best. With the track record of all previous Da Capo anime series, I'm pretty sure it's going to either end tragically or become very very heavy towards the end. Without starting up with too much comedy,it sure won't build up as much constrast as the original Da Capo did. But maybe this is a better way.

Recommendation level: Moderate

New rating (out of 5): 3.75 (net gain: +1.25) Not Bad

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