Monday, August 20, 2007

School Days: Cheaters, Cheaters

Currently finished: Episode 6

When I played the game, I have a bit sympathy towards the guy for all the awkward situations he got stuck with. When watching the anime, somehow, I just feel he is a cheating bastard, no sympathy what so ever. Maybe because I'm not making the decisions now, I don't feel what the character feels anymore.

The picture being painted is a simple cheating and being cheated situation. The guy, in my opinion, is just a horny dog. He could not wait to get in his girlfriend's pants. When he couldn't, he just grabs whatever is available. Although come to think of it, the girl he's cheating with is the one taking advantage of him, not the other way around. But you see where she's coming from and do feel sympathetic for her. As for the girl that is being cheated, well, she does have problems, but by far, she's the biggest victim.

It's half way through, and the whole thing went downhill pretty fast. We'll see how they pull it through in the second half (or maybe just go down further, who knows).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mononoke: Acid Trip, Anybody?

Currently finished: Episode 5

The second segment just ended. The story is still good, and the art work is still crazy. The visual art, colorful and disorienting, almost feels like going on an acid trip (trippers, correct me if you disagree, since I've never been on one).

The stories are all pretty twisted, and sometimes even perverted. Nonetheless, it's very interesting. Combine with the crazy visual effects, it really get you out of your normal thought pattern.

Status update: now available on animesuki

Kenko Zenrakei Shuieibu Umisho: Bitter Sweet Comedy?...Not

Currently finished: Episode 5

So far, it seems to be a semi-decent comedy. Something make me a bit uncomfortable (besides the noseless art style) about this anime. I think it's the way comedic situation is created inside the episode. It's definately not something I like, but once a while, it manages to make me almost squirt water out of my nose. So I guess they're doing something right.

I just finished episode 5. During the episode, for a moment, it looked as if they're going to pull a bitter sweet comedy scene. But they managed to sweep it away before the episode ended.

It's been walking on the edge on my throw-away cut-off line ever since episode 1. But it survived till now. Since I don't have a really long list to watch in this new season, it might just survive till the end. Who knows.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Short Updates for Animes that I don't have much new to say

Higurashi Kai

I really don't think this anime should be described in words. You'll just have to watch it. One thing for sure though, we ARE getting some answers, and it's leading to the ultimate answers.

Darker Than Black

It progresses as usual. Now there are 5 organizations and all the agents have appeared at least once except people from CIA, whom by now has only been referenced by name. Official site says it's a 25 episode series. I'm kind of curious how they could end it in 25 episodes. It seems it could go a lot longer.

Zero no Tsukaima 2

Louise is punishing his "dog" as usual. Her sisters being around almost didn't change any thing. It's another series just like the season 1.

Murder Princess

Episode 5 of this OVA has been released. There are some questions getting answered, history lessons learned. I think now we're just waiting for the final conflict.

Lovely Complex

It is just like a roller coaster ride: we get multiple emotional ups and downs. By now, the second bump is over and we have returned into more comedic environment than emotional environment. All things finally start to look good for the first time.

Devil May Cry

I'm not sure what they are trying to accomplish, so far I see nothing. So far all the episodes and events are pretty random. Not really any significant meaning or relation. Although it does kind of remind me about those series that lay random seeds and connect them at the end. We'll see. Just hope it's not another Polyphonica.

Touka Gettan

Every time I thought I have figured out what is going in this world, the next episode just threw me off course completely. So, now I still have not a clue. And the relationships between characters are just plain bizarre.


Slowly, without being noticed, it moved from semi-believable world and situations into a completely ridiculous world.

Romeo & Juliet

It's not just another Romeo and Juliet story. In fact, I think so far it's more about redemption than love. At this rate, it would not surprise me at all if they complete change it into a happy ending.

July 2007 New Anime Update: Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

I'm currently at: Episode 5

Comments: While it left a great first impression, it did not live up to my expectation in next 3 episodes. I think it has pushed itself too far towards being a drop dead funny comedy that it's just not funny any more. In my opinion, episode 1 & 2 is just right on what they are trying to achieve, 2 through 5 is just over doing it. Also, it seems that they tuned down the optimism vs pessimism which I think is what made the show funny at first place. Because of these changes, I have to downgrade its recommendation level.

New rating: 4.0 out of 5 (net gain: -0.8)

Recommendation level: Follow along (downgraded from Anticipating)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

July 2007 New Anime: Baccano!

Genres: Drama / Light Comedy
I've watched: 2 episodes
Art style: Common

Recommended to: People like light comedy with complicated plot
Recommendation level: Near the top

Summary: Um....Lots of names, lots of characters (17 to be exact, who are important enough to be named in the opening theme). I'm not quite sure what's going on yet. So far it seems to be lots of unrelated plots happening in parallel that accidentally crossing each other, like the movie Snatch.

Rating - first impression: 4 out of 5 (Lots of names to memorize, plot line seems to be little confusing, but interesting)

Personal comments: Half of the people that were named in the opening theme haven't show up yet, and the plot line already seem to start getting tangled up pretty good. With that man people as "main" character, I don't think there'll be a problem of lack of pace. The construction of the story is also very interesting. This is definately high up on the watch list.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

April 2007 New Anime Update: Claymore


I'm currently at: episode 17

Comments: We can now sense the final conflict is on its way. It won't be long before we get to witness the ultimate showdown. It still has the same dark tone to it. But now we since Raki is taking a break, and Clare is encountering more other claymores, battle start to get more and more intense and drags on longer (episode wise). Even when a single battle drags on through multiple episode, there are enough content to keep my mind completely occupied by the plot.

New Rating: 4.75 out of 5 (net gain: 0.25)