Monday, October 26, 2009

[Poll] The Poll for October 2009 Top 5 is Open

With Winter Sonata, I think I've caught all the new releases from October 2009 new anime season. To be honest, even though the total count is pretty high, 28 to be exact, I'm not seeing many exceptionally impressive new animes. Normally, I'd have a hard time to decide which animes to eliminated from the list for my top five. But this time, I'm actually struggling on deciding which one I want to put in my list so that I can have five in my top five.

Seriously, you know the overall quality of this season's new release ought to suck majorly when you have a difficult time picking 5 out of 28 animes that you would consider "good".

My top 5 picks are:

Kimi ni Todoke - This is a no brainer pick for me. In fact, this is riding way above the other in my top 5 list.

Asura Cryin' 2 - It probably would be a borderline case before I saw episode 3 and 4. Those two episodes have made this series so much better. But you'll need to equipped with knowledge from the first seasons to be able to understand this one.

Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) - I like it for its concept and characters. And it reminds me much of Galaxy Express 999, which I'm quite fond of.

Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini - So far I'm not impressed by it as much as the first series, yet. But it's a pretty good start, and with Studio BONES track record, I think they'd handle it well.

Fairy Tail - While it's interesting for the moment, I can't help to notice the potential of repetitiveness already starting to show up by episode 3. On top of that, the chances of them making this an ultra long series is pretty high.


Anonymous said...

Kimi ni Todoke, Letter Bee, DBT and Kobato my favorites. I'm also a sucker for the comedy of Nyan Koi(my absolute favourite this season) and Kampfer.

Chances are fairy tale will go on forever, I've followed the manga for years. And I don't like Asura Cryin 2 much, it's ok but not my cup of tea.

Unknown said...

1. Kampfer!!!!
2nd Seiken no Blacksmith,
3rd Letter Bee,
4th Kimi ni Todoke

The Evil Cat said...

Nyan Koi and Blacksmith are all ok. But...Kampfer?! Seriously? In your top five?!

TopAnimes.Net said...

asura cryin' is I think the best anime ever!

goodluck guys on your blog..hope to see more anime polls next time!

hope doraemon would be number one soon..hehe