Monday, October 26, 2009

Asura Cryin 2: Loss and Redemption

Currently finished: Episode 4

This is a great example of how a good tragedy is like when it's done properly. (You'll have to watch the first season to understand the premise of the tragedy).

Many people may dislike this story simply because it's cruel and it doesn't seem to provide any escape route from the inevitable tragedy. But I think this is where the brilliance of the story lies. Nowadays, too many stories provie too many way to escape all tragic events simply because they don't want to upset the audiences.

Asura Cryin', however, places a harsh reality into the realm of this imaginary world where the characters in it not only have to witness the unfortunate events unfolding right in front of them, but also to realize that such misfortune has already been clearly projected onto their own inevitable fate as well. This sense of hopelessness is quite a rare find in nowadays' stories where feel-good is what they're all about.

I'm loving every single second of it.

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