Tuesday, October 20, 2009

11 Eyes: Chaos; Head Clone?

Currently finished: Episode 2

[edit] Some reader of my blog pointed out that my previous comment about Chaos; Head and 11 Eyes are developed by the same company is wrong. They're actually developed by different companies but published by the same company, 5pb. Sorry about that little mix up, but my opinion actually does not change: many things from 11 Eyes resembles Chaos; Head, especially things I don't like. [end edit]

This concerns me quite a bit because Chaos; Head started well, but it had turned out to be a much worse anime. And this, 11 Eyes, already has a somewhat unimpressive start, I wouldn't want to image what it will eventually become. For time being, I'll hang on to it, but I don't think I can see it to the end.


Anonymous said...

Your research is wrong Chaos Head is an eroge developed by Nitro+ while 11 eyes is an eroge developed by Lass. I also don't see how Chaos Head and this are related at all.

The Evil Cat said...

Ok, yeah, I guess I was looking at the publisher instead of developer. I'm not saying they're related, I'm just saying that lots of things in 11 Eyes resemble things from Chaos; Head, especially things I don't like.