Sunday, October 4, 2009

[Ended] Basquash: Exciting!

Before I started watching this series, I thought this is one of the most retarded concept ever made. After finishing watching it, I still think this is one of the most retarded concept I've ever seen. However, that's about only thing that isn't top-notch in this anime.

Although many people would consider the story to be inferior than average anime, in my opinion, it's quite decent. It all depends on whether you get hung up on the retarded underlying concept. If you can look beyond that and appreciate what this anime truly is, you would find this is one exciting and entertaining anime.

The ultra super-charged ending somewhat reminds me of Macross Frontier's ending, where they went a bit overboard on making a big finale scene. But again, when a story is getting as exciting as this, it's a little hard not to go a bit overboard.

Oh, one more thing, because Nike sponsored this anime, there are loads of Nike product placements. I know it bother many people, but it doesn't really bother me at all, I just think it's funny. So just beware if you do decide to watch it.

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 90 (Definitely good drama)
Comedy: 88 (Pretty good for what it has)
Action: 95 (Exciting)
Art/Animation: 90 (Not bad)
Sound/Music: 95 (Great music)
Character: 87 (Variety)
Plot:84 (Good plot, but with a slightly retarded underlying concept)
Ending: 85 (Just a bit overly excited...)

Re-watch value: 60 (Once is probably enough)

Overall: 89 - Exciting

Recommendation: Because of the concept is a bit too retarded, I think many people would dismiss it right off the back. But if you do, you're missing out a lot of excitements.

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