Thursday, October 1, 2009

[End] Guin Saga: Epic

Epic. That's the most fitting word to describe this anime. This is probably one of the most epic anime I've seen since 12 Kingdoms.

What I thought in the beginning was a slow and boring story ends up being an epic grand masterpiece. The story is not exactly fast paced, but there are something strangely attractive I couldn't quite grasp in this story that was able to grab my attention and made me kept watching it. Honestly, I would not have imaged how interesting this story has eventually become from the early episodes.

Because the book series is supposedly the longest running single author novels with 126 volumes and still growing, there is no way the story could end with this anime. But they did manage to close up this segment pretty well. I really hope they would keep making sequels of this story.

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 91 (Epic Drama)
Comedy: N/A
Action: 91 (Very Good)
Art/Animation: 90 (Very detailed)
Sound/Music: 91 (Great music)
Character: 95 (Great character development)
Plot: 90 (Epic)
Ending: 88 (Good enough)

Re-watch value: 70 (Still epic)

Overall: 90 - Epic

Recommendation: If you like epic stories, you shouldn't miss this.

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