Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kiddy Girl-AND: Tasteless

Currently finished: Episode 2

Despite how much I liked the story of Kiddy Grade first time through, during the subsequent re-runs I've been through, I can't help to notice some of the tastelessness that anime possesses that has become so much more apparent once you know the story already.

So you ask what does that have to do with this series? Well, it seems that not only they carried those tastelessness into this new anime, they also managed to magnify it so much that Kiddy Girl-AND so far in my opinion is almost completely tasteless.

Being only 12 episodes long, by spending one entire episode on useless things, I can't help to think that whoever wrote this story probably had no intention in putting a good plot into it. What a shame.

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Anonymous said...

Hear, hear :( I had high hopes, but after the drek of episode 6 there is no way this can be good. At best, it will be mediocre - if the last few episodes have some plot... --Piotrus