Sunday, April 26, 2009

Queen's Blade: Fighting = Stripping?

Currently finished: Episode 4

I didn't think there could be an anime that is worse than Ikkitousen in terms of using fan service in place of fighting scenes. Queen's Blade has proven me wrong. It seems that when a fight broke out in this anime, whoever gets to strip the opponent bare first wins the fight. While it is still somewhat amusing at the moment, it does make me wonder how long they can keep it up on coming up with new and creative ideas on how to strip someone in a sword fight.


Anonymous said...

One think that I want to ask:
I think I watch it if it's Hentai. Otherwise, I just wasted my bwdh for getting it.
nb: why the hell all girls have smooth skin while they're always fighting using weapon? and skinny too.

The Evil Cat said...

Technically, it's not Hentai, but it's close enough. The anime I can think of that is similar would be Ikkitousen.