Saturday, April 11, 2009

[New April 2009] Shangri-La

Info: (Official English)
Download: Fansub available through
Watch Online: Simulcasted on Crunchyroll
Genres: Scifi / Action
I've watched: 1 episode

Summary: In a future world that global warming has become a problem, United Nation imposes Carbon Tax on all nations. Because of the environment, Japan built a floating city to move the entire population of Tokyo into. But when it's completed, only the riches and the upper classes citizens are allowed into the city. Metal Age is the resistance organization that opposes the government on these related issues. A girl named Kuniko is the chosen be the next leader of Metal Age.

First impression score: 90 ~ Intriguing

Personal comments: I don't want to stir up anything political in my blog about anime, but, I can't just let go of this topic without comments. Personally, I do not believe in global warming. Though there may be some merits in those research, I think it's largely a fraud and profit making machine for those who are actively advocating it. So I hold strong antipathy whenever this topic pops up. But I'm not going to let my personal belief in politics and sciences get in the way of a good anime, so I'm still going to enjoy Shangri-La as much as possible. Also, don't bother post comments about this issue, because if you do, I would either ignore it or delete it.

This is one of the latest animes that is produced by Gonzo animation studio. Once upon a time, the Gonzo was one of my most respected animation studio, but it isn't so any more because their recent streak of bad animes. This, as I see it, could be a hope for Gonzo to become one of the most respected names in anime production once again.

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the_other_brand said...

The story to this anime shows promise. However, the first episode seemed to cram too much into it. Hopefully the story flow won't continue in this manner

Also I don't believe that a boomerang lacking a sharp edge can cut a gun barrel like that. Even a katana can't do a task like that.