Sunday, April 26, 2009

Natsu no Arashi: It's going to get wacky

Recognize the couple on the left?

Currently finished: Episode 3

Through the on-screen note of the fansubber (which you usually don't get watching the official subs such as crunchyroll), I learned that the original author of Natsu no Arashi is also the original author of School Rumble series. That explains why the style looks somewhat familiar. Knowing what School Rumble is like, I think Natsu no Arashi is going to get a lot more wackier than what it is right now.


Anonymous said...

I'm already fed up with School Rumble. First eps until half eps is good, and suddenly smashed with a very pathetic ending.
I think this anime is pretty the same as before, sucks in the end.
nb: first eps to watch, this anime really dissapointed. not worth for me to see.

The Evil Cat said...

You seem to have some issues with school rumble, but I liked school rumble. Animes/Mangas like these aren't mean to have a real ending. If you can't take that, you shouldn't watch them at all.

Anonymous said...

At least they can tell that the ending could be sucks. So I don't even bother to watch it.
for me, the first-second eps is important to see, it's worth to see or not. But if ending always pathetic, it's make me regret for watch it.
nb: I like SR, but with end like that it showed that the mangaka is still amatir. Well, afterall this is his first manga at all.

Unknown said...

lol...i thought it'll be boring at first since i didn't really like the style of drawing, but ah well...I saw this blog and decided to watch it and it turned out not so bad...(i still don't like the style of drawing) I think it was a bit funny... 3/5 for me