Sunday, April 26, 2009

Basquash: The Dark Horse

Currently finished: Episode 3

Scifi + Sports? Mecha + Basketball? When I first heard about what this anime's concept is, I thought there couldn't be any more retarded idea for a story. But to my surprise, this is actually one of the better animes from this season.

While I still think the concept of this anime is ridiculous, I'm loving everything else about this anime. Fast paced plot, thrilling actions, and interesting personalities make this anime the dark horse of this season.

So far I would recommend this anime to most people who like fast paced action filled anime. But if you were the type of people that just couldn't get over a silly concept to be able to fully appreciate this anime, then you probably don't want to bother with it.


Anonymous said...

I didn't really like it.
Nike shoe placements arn't as good as the Pizzahut Pizzas in Code Geass. And I don't really like basketball all that much, robots just made it weird...

Valkyria Chronicles has been the best anime for me so far this spring/autumn depending on which hemisphere you are in. Although it kinda of gets ruined if you finished the game because u know what is going to happen.

The Evil Cat said...

Lol, I didn't even notice the nike shoe placement. Like I said in the post, even though I still think it's a weird/retarded concept, it's just much better than I expected. I guess it's all about beating expectations.

About Valkyria Chronicles, I never played the game so I don't know how much it has followed the game so far. But there have been known cases that the anime doesn't completely follow the plot of the game. Sometimes they even change the endings. There might be a chance that the story for this anime is original.

At the moment, Valkyria Chronicles isn't too far up on my score chart because what I've seen so fare are pretty much all cookie cutters. I think it bears potential, but we'll have to see.