Thursday, April 9, 2009

[Ended] Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th: Peaceful

Maria-sama ga Miteru has always had a special place in my heart. For some reason, I just can't bring out my normal evilness while watching it. It's so pure, innocent, and peaceful that there is no way I could wish for bad things to happen like I do while watching other animes.

This newest season, managed to answer all the questions I had that weren't resolved in previous seasons. More specifically, Yumi's sister situation, and white rose situation. Though I would like to see more of it, but if they decide to end the series, I wouldn't mind it either.

Drama: 90 (Epic drama, girl drama that is)
Comedy: N/A
Action: N/A
Art/Animation: 90 (The art was what originally attracted me at first place in season one)
Sound/Music/Voice: 80 (I think they had better BGM in previous season)
Character: 90 (Girls...)
Plot: 87 (There are some twists and turns, but it's still a bit too straight forward)
Ending: 95 (Things need to be resolved have been resolved)

Re-watch value: 80 (I think it'll still be interesting second time through)

Overall (not average): 90 ~ Girl Drama

Recommendation: If you've never seen the first three series (two TV seris and one OVA), you probably would be somewhat lost, especially on the parts that matters: the ongoing relationship between the "sisters". So, there is really no point to watch this unless you have seen or are willing to commit to see the first three series.

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