Monday, April 6, 2009

[Ended] Tales of the Abyss: Epic Finish

Early on during the series, I almost threw this anime away because the main character was the biggest douche I've seen, and was really stretching the limit of how much douche-ness I was willing to tolerate. But luckily, the story took a sudden turn, not only it took my attention off the douche-ness of the main guy, it also managed to turn him into somewhat a normal person.

The story has quite a few twists and turns, though it's not too difficult to figure out what kind of curve ball they're throwing at you, it still provides quite some entertainment value. One other thing I really like about this anime is the fact they're willing to kill characters, important characters. In my opinion, all epic stories need to have some important characters that doesn't survive to the end. Otherwise it would be too boring.

Oh one more thing, what is Mieu's purpose in this anime? I though she'd be useful at some point before the story ends, but she never did anything asides from the early events that introduced her to the party.

Drama: 90 (Almost too much)
Comedy: 80 (Not bad for what it had)
Action: 85 (There are some lame fights, but it's not bad overall)
Art/Animation: 80 (Typical fantasy style)
Sound/Music: 80 (I like the theme song)
Character: 85 (Gone a bit overboard on the douche play...)
Plot: 85 (Quite a few nice little twists)
Ending: 80 (Too predictable)

Re-watch value: 50 (story like this doesn't really hold any re-watch value)

Overall (not average): 88 ~ Epic

Recommendation: If you can withstand 7 episodes of almost non-stop douch-ness, the you would find this anime very entertaining. But if douche-ness causes too much stress for you, then don't watch it, because you'll destroy your TV before you get through the first 7 episodes.


Anonymous said...

Meiu's purpose wasn't there in the anime because in the game, Meiu was in control of the sorcerer's ring, which in most of the games unlocked doors, burned brush away, revealed new paths. in TotA, your main character held up Meiu so Meiu could shoot the ring. None of the characters in the game actually wore the ring on their hands.

The Evil Cat said...

Ah, that's nice to know.

I figured she's there probably because she's in the game. I was wondering whether there was a part of the story got cut off that she's actually important but doesn't help the plot development in the anime.