Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bakemonogatari: Implicitly Creepy

Currently finished: Episode 8

There are many ways to present horror to audiences, but mainly they fall into two categories: implicit and explicit.

An explicit horror in my opinion are quite easy to make because all you need to do is to make something pop out and let the audience "jump". I consider explicit horror as "cheap" horror.

On the other hand, an implicit horror, in my opinion, is a much more difficult thing to accomplish: All contributing factors of a story have to all work well together to create an environment that isn't heavily relying on the visual and audio effects to send chills down the audiences' spines. Instead of using image, it uses audience's own imagination to create the horror effect.

Bakemonogatari is very much a story that uses implicit horror. In fact, it feels very much like a light version of Mononoke that doesn't have the crazy visual effect to help out. It was so well made that a rather simple form of visual effect sent quite a chill down my spine. This is the best type of horror I love.

I think this is the special element I was looking for. With this, I'm going to hand it the award

Anime of the Season for July 2009 Season

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yoekix said...

This anime has reached a level i thought it could not, it gives my the creeps, laughs and making want to watch the next episode with high anticipation. The last time i had this feeling was with Code Geass.

The interactions and talk subject between persons are unique, refreshing and (for me) unseen in other anime.
The mystery that lingers around, is very wel played so that there will be a unexpected angle in the storyline.

I do not see it a horror, although in episode 8 i could say that was indeed something you can call implicit horror.

But the big thing that makes we watch this is that i can't predict what could happend, i mostly try to predict half way the story what is going to happen at the end. At this anime i only succeeded twice.

I have seen a lot of animes and i knew from episode 1 this could be an awsome story, the unique combinations of (social)elements makes it a top class.

Its worty of the name Anime of July 2009.