Friday, July 31, 2009

Bakemonogatari: Blend of Many Things

Currently finished: Episode 3

According to the little poll I set up, this is leading the poll for the best anime from this season.

The scenary rendering style, strange visual cues, and conversation heavy story, feels very similar to Ef series; the weird mystery and strange events reminds me much of Mononoke; and the sarcasm heavy dialogs feels just like Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei. This anime is a blend of many things, many good things I dare to say. It does somewhat concern me a little bit by being similar to Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, however, at the moment, I haven't seen any indication that it would endlessly repeat the same format over and over again. Hopefully, that would not happen.

Although I'm willing to put this in my top three anime of the season, I'm not sure I would hand the anime of the season award to it just yet. Sure it's interesting and brilliantly done, but I feel there's something missing. I'm not quite sure what it is yet, I just feel there ought to be something else in it to make it to be able to step onto the seat of the best anime of the season. Maybe in time I'll be able to figure out what it is.


yoekix said...

This stands in my top 3 for summer anime. it had a good start, but im not sure that the end would be to.(and yeah bad english sorry abou that)The anime has lots of potentional and could aim for the top 10 anime of the year if it gives a little more effort.

Howard said...

I agreed, first two episodes were great. But the 3rd one seemed to lack something the others had