Sunday, September 6, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: On Its Own Course

Currently finished: Episode 21

In the beginning, this new series seems to be on the same course as the same series, except with 2x speed. Slowly, the story itself start to deviate from the course set by the previous one. Especially with what happened in last three episodes, this is now a completely a different story.

Supposedly this new series is more true to the story laid out by the manga. However, someone told me that this too is quite far from the manga. Since I've never read the manga, there is really no way for me to tell. I guess I would just queue it up in my endless to-read list and get back on this when I do finish reading it...

While no one seems to know how many episodes are there in this series, everything that has been happening in the last couple of episodes looks like a beginning of the final showdown. Because of the way they laid out the story, it has much fewer loose ends to tie up than the original series. It would not surprise me if they finish it by episode 26.


yoekix said...

When i had the first 3 episodes behind me i thought it was going to be a sad moneymaking joke, because of the oh-so-same scenes of the first FMA, the only thing good then seemd to be the music intro.

I seriously dont know why i keep seeing them but at a certain point the details were different, people who said someting else and some minor stuff, nothing much. But the details were growing and soon there was a whole new story coming from it. What i like at the series now is: you know how alchemy works, but you have yet to see vatient uses and solutions around it.

The story has been going faster the last episodes, but i think its still ok, if the story will develop faster then it is now, i would dislike it because of to much information to process and making the links myself (unless they make the links for you but that would be no fun, i want to think about it and find some hidden stuff myself) as long they sometimes give the time to think by leaving subtle details behind, the i'm happy.

I personaly like the new storyline and it seems to me a good rival for the first series.
My opinion is that this is a must watch, you can't be in the anime world and haven't seen FMA.

The Evil Cat said...

The biggest problem I've been having lately is mixing up the plot lines from the original series with this current one. The differences between major events in the two series are somewhat subtle yet significant enough that if you do get it mixed up, you'll get a big question mark in your head until you manage to sort it out.

yoekix said...

I don't have that problem, i'm able to see it as a whole new story. But that is maybe because i had some info that i rather didn't wanted to know before the anime began. It was knowing who the final 'boss' was. I regret that i ever read the description on that news site.