Monday, September 14, 2009

Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Huh?

Currently finished: Episode 11

Yes, yes, my blog has been extra quiet lately. That's not because I've been slacking off. In fact, I've been spending more time daily watching anime than I had for last a couple of month. Because it's a season ending month, I'll need to catch up with everything so I can write series ending reviews. On top of that, someone just recommended a whole bunch of mangas for me to read, add that to the list of mangas I'm already reading, I literally don't have time to do anything else any more. Only if I can stop time... Anyway, before I digress any further, here is something I would like to say about Umineko no Naku Koro ni:

If you think it took long time for Higurashi no Naku Koroni to make sense, I can tell you that Umineko is worse. While the sub story is somewhat clearer than those in Higurashi, I'm at a complete loss when it comes determining the direction of where the big picture is heading. I guess that's partly why these series has been so interesting, because you see the clues, but you don't see where the clues leads you. However, these little things in Umineko have been a lot more irritating than those in Higurashi have been. Ultimately, I hope it is getting somewhere soon, because I'm running pretty low on patience. And according to many major anime sites reviews and polls, there are quite some people that have already ran out of patience.


Dorama said...

This anime is one of the best this summer.. i'm pretty sure its not over yet..

The Evil Cat said...

If this were a month ago, I would totally agree with you. But at the current state of the show, I'm not so sure any more before they can come up with more and better stuff. Compare to other top rated animes of the summer, this has really fallen out of favor for many viewers including me.