Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[Ended] CANAAN: Another Day

After finishing the entire story of CANAAN, I have to say I'm not as satisfied as I thought I would be at the beginning of the series.

The story is somewhat unique and interesting. However, somewhere along the way, the anime itself start to focus too much on the story and it quit being entertaining. True, the story is a significant part of an anime, but they should never forget that another important element of anime is to provide entertainments. Fortunately, only several episodes in the middle suffers the problem. As a whole, this is still quite an exceptional anime.

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 90 (Pretty good)
Comedy: 86 (Interesting)
Action: 91 (Jumping, flying, etc.)
Art/Animation: 90 (Very good)
Sound/Music: 86 (Great Music)
Character: 93 (Well designed)
Plot: 86 (Very insteresting)
Ending: 80 (Open ended)

Re-watch value: 60 (Not really necessary)

Overall: 88 - Still Somewhat Exceptional

Recommendation: I have to say, I've seen better stories by Type-Moon. But even being sub-standard for them, this is still a very good anime. I would put it at the end of the "must-watch" list.

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yoekix said...

It's really hard to make a proper review on this, most of the time is indeed spend on story and character dept. I wasn't really fond of this anime but i didn't dislked it either.

The start was rather a start with loose end with some obvious story marks, but as the anime goes on the focus becomes more on one goal with some random events.

I like the story concept and characters are really well fitting in the story line but sometimes i miss that extra more that makes it worth to see the next episdode. I only watched the last 5 episodes because i always finnish a story once started (and bleach goes on and on and never stops i will watch that till the end of time)I didn't watch anymoer because it was funny or interesting.

Overall it left me with a downer, but the story became interessting at the very end, that alone makes me want to see a second season and hope for better story and stuff.