Saturday, September 26, 2009

[Ended] Sora no Manimani: Typical

This is one of those very typical slice of life high school romantic drama comedy, nothing special, nothing exciting. I don't know why I just kept watching it.

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 78 (Typical)
Comedy: 80 (Typical)
Action: N/A
Art/Animation: 75 (Typical)
Sound/Music: 80 (Average)
Character: 77 (Typical)
Plot: 78 (Typical)
Ending: 73 (Typical)

Re-watch value: 30 (Maybe to see the pretty art and bouncy boobs?)

Overall: 76 - Generic

Recommendation: Unless you've never seen a generic anime, my recommendation woud be "no".


Anonymous said...

I only watched 4 episodes, but my guess is that if you sat through the whole thing it may have been because of the terrific second episode. If you recall, the episode gives you a comedic knee in the gut. :p

The Evil Cat said...

Yeah, that must be it. I can't think of any other reason I stayed with it.

Anonymous said...

This forum being presented via internet, I can't quite tell if your comment is sincere or sarcastic. :)

Regardless, I am a little disappointed that you and others ended up not liking the show. I was waiting to see if the community of anime bloggers would rate this show highly; for reasons I explain below, I didn't want to actually follow it while it aired.

I wanted this show to prove itself to be a thoroughly enjoyable one primarily because of that second episode. I loved that second episode. That episode, which focused on introducing Hime to the viewers, was not only hilarious but it also suggested that Hime had the potential to become one of the great comedic anime characters of all time. Paired with the main girl who seemed adorably oblivious and hyperactive, the second episode led me to think that the show potentially could present to us a unique ludicrously hyperkinetic love triangle. That show could have become the unexpected gem of the season. I realize that I can't convey to you what I wished the show should have been and, yet, in my own little mind, I really believe I am not being hyperbolic when I suggest all this. (No, really, I'm not completely nuts!)

Alas, by the fourth episode, I realized that what I had in mind for this show was not what this show had in mind for me. Hime became quickly marginalized and the show began to show tendencies toward the maudlin.

It's too bad the writers were not skillful enough to leverage the second episode to develop a unique and highly entertaining show. :(

Fortunately for me, I'm not the patient anime blogger you are. :p Well, it's a new season; hope you won't find a dud among your new chosen. :)

The Evil Cat said...

Well, I was being half serious, because I remember there were several scenes that made me rolling on the couch laughing. After episode 2, comedy as outrageous as that never appeared again. I was quite disappointed by it. It did somewhat remind me a bit of Toradora, except in Toradora, when the comedy died out, some serious drama began. Whereas here, they never really did start any serious dramas at all.