Thursday, September 24, 2009

[Ended] 07-Ghost: Ha?!!!!

Are you kidding me?! What kind of crappy ending is that?!!! No resolution, no explanation, this is an epic fail ending. This ought to be the worst ending I've seen lately. Literally, it left everything, I mean everything hanging. They either have already planned for a sequel or this anime is just a huge campaign for boosting its manga sale. Either way, this ending blows.

There has been multiple times that I almost dropped this series due to the slow moving plot. However, it's like it knows where my limit is, and every time I got fed up with it, it gives me a little more "bait" to lure me to stay with it for just a little longer. Now I really wish I had dropped it.

There isn't an ending, but there is a fight that they probably wanted to be the "final battle". In my opinion, it's very typical "unlimited power-up" and "boss vs boss" style battle. And guess what? They ended battle just as bad as they ended the series. So this anime is really just a series of premature endings. Terrible.

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 83 (Slow feeding)
Comedy: N/A
Action: 90 (Not too bad)
Art/Animation: 88 (Very interesting chibi style)
Sound/Music: 88 (Nice music)
Character: 85 (Slowly developed)
Plot: 81 (Somewhat interesting)
Ending: 50 (FAIL!)

Re-watch value: 40 (To be disappointed again?! Never)

Overall: 71 - The Ending Killed It...

Recommendation: With a crappy ending like this, I wouldn't recommend this to anybody. However, if you intend to read the manga anyway, this may be a good supplement for your manga reading.


yoekix said...

Wel to be honest, i didn't know it "ended", i was convinced that another episode woulc come out next week, until this post showed up.
This was no ending, what i only saw was a regular fight where less explanation is given and is merly used to give the watchers a good feeling. But ending battles should be diffrent, they should be entertaining, be able to explain a lot of shit by lot of talking/flashback and/or hearing comments of more people who know everything ,etc and in the end, the hero would make its resolv and litterly overkill his final enemy boss who he had no hopes of beating before he started the battle. that is your standart ending and 07 ghost just ignores that, its more like they try to push all the good stuff to the sequel. The overall story is good, i have seen worse than this but that are memories best left forgotten. Although the story have slow developing the interactions between character is better than normal, although those interactions even get boring at the end.
What i was litterly annoyed by was the fact that there was no change in location, only the place where our 'hero' is staying seems to be much bigger on the inside then on the outside and no one in the series actuly explaining or even giving a hint about it, its like at every coner there is a void portal to somewhere they have enough space...

Overall i liked the story, good characters although sometimes.. wel.. crappy and ending that isn't an ending but your daily encounter with the enemy.

this will be probably deleted from my Hard disk depending on the sequel.

Advice: only watch when every thing else is either overwatched.

i humbly appologize for my bad englisch.


Unknown said...

lol, i knew this would happen....i was very disappointed with the anime from the beggining @ @"

i still like the manga of 07-Ghost better >///<