Saturday, July 9, 2011

[New July 2011] Blood-C

Japanese title: ブラッドシー
Genres: Action / Supernatural
I've watched: 1 episode

Summary: By day, Saya is a clumsy high school student, at night, she wields swords to battle evil creatures.  

First impression score: 82 - Interesting

Personal comments: Must all Blood* series anime's main character named Saya? It sure seems so. At least here in Blood-C, Saya's last name is different than Blood+, so we know for sure these are indeed different characters. However, detaching the character from Blood+ raises another question: why is this a Blood series and how is this story related to rest of the Blood series? It can't be merely a convenience to name this series Blood-C.


yoekix said...

My hopes for the season are on this one, even though there isn't much that connects it to the other bloo movie/season. It could all just be a way to get the setting and pre-story right, so that the upcoming movie doesn't need to be forced or something.

The Evil Cat said...

This is done by CLAMP, which nowadays I don't really have too much faith in any more. But it still could be fun.