Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fairy Tail: Different World, Same Excitement

Currently finished: Episode 87

Honestly, I wasn't really fond of this arc at the beginning because dragging the fight into another world seems to be the last resort a writer would use to carry on the story, because like all ultimate power up animes, once your power level has gone up, it's not coming down. So it seems that once this world barrier is broken, there will be no going back into containment again. Grant it they did plant the seed way back when Mystogan first showed up and when Wendy was introduced, still, it just feels...cheap. However, as the arc progress, it exhibits the same high quality as the typical Fairy Tail we've come to know. So, cheating or not, this is just as exciting and moving as it has always been. On top of that, there is a very good chance once this arc is done, this alternate world "level" could be sealed and forgotten without having to become a constant companion of the story down the lone.

What I do like this story so far, is the fact there is almost no pointless fillers. Every time something that might look like a filler comes up, it ends up becoming an in depth development of a specific character. Even once a while there is a one-shot stress release fun episode, it still manages to somehow becoming so touching in the end.

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