Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[Ended][OVA] Air Gear: Kuro no Hane to Nemuri no Mori - Break on the Sky

Air Gear is a strange concept. In order to even begin to appreciate the story, you ought to tune your brain into a mode that ignores all the ridiculous stuff and pretend it's the normal. If you can manage to do that, you'll be in for a treat of some great excitements. If not, well, you'd think this is one of the most ridiculous things you've ever seen.

While Oh!Great remains among one of my favorite manga artists, I have to admit that there are some bizarre and wild stuff going on with his stories. We've see it in Tenjou Tenge, we've seen it in the original Air Gear TV series. This Air Gear OVA series, they just kick it up another notch.

The bottom line is, if Air Gear is the type of ridiculous excitement that you like, then go for it. But be warned, it may just be a bit too much for some people.

Score: 81

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