Sunday, April 24, 2011

[New April 2011] Tiger & Bunny

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Genres: Action / Drama / Supernatural / Comedy?
I've watched: 3 episode

Summary: In a city where crime fighting superheros are paid and sponsored by corporations and their heroic actions are broadcasted on TV channel called "Hero TV", being a superhero is more than simply bringing peace and justice to the citizens, it's crime fighting with styles.

First impression score: 95 - Weird, Brilliant, Hilarious, and Heart Warming

Personal comments: This is what I would call creative concept meets brilliant execution. I think this is probably the most refreshing concept I've seen this year. If Justice League is a show about how superheros can run as a non-profit organization, this is a show about how superheros can be run as a commercial organization. On top of that, not only it provides this weird comedic shock value upfront, deep down, it's not all that mindless either--from time to time, it breaks out some heart-warming moments as well. Furthermore, it is just amusing to see how the premise of the show just allows them blatantly do product placements without the "out-of-place" feeling you usually get. This is simply brilliant! I'm awarding it
Best First Impression for April 2011 Season

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