Sunday, April 10, 2011

[Ended] Star Driver: Amusing, But...

I have to say, this is one of the most amusing anime I've seen for a while. Right off the back, before anybody could get a firm grasp of the nature of the series, they introduce the main hero's alter ego as "Galactic Pretty Boy", intentionally pin themselves up as an object of ridicule. From that point on, it's been a super charged mixture of plot events and pure stupidity, which, in my opinion is pretty effective in moving the story forward in a steady pace.

Even though the ideas in this story are somewhat creative, I wish they have spent more time on the presentation: almost every single episode has the exact same format of "drop a clue and start a fight". Each episode is so identical in format, that you can just start to save some time by completely ignore everything after "Galactic Pretty Boy" enters the scene.

Also, the development of the story is very linear. You literally don't need to use any brain aside from remember who is who because the story laid every piece of the puzzle out in the order one piece at a time. All you have to do is pick them up. The problem, is the fact along with the repetitive "plot+fight" format, I almost felt there is no need to spend 25 minutes a week to watch it any more, I could simply get the same experience by recalling the first episode or two and applying newly found information to them.

When it comes to the ending, I think everybody have seen that coming miles away. In fact, there are only two possible ways it could end. But guess what, it's partially both! So regardless how you've guessed it, you are all partially correct!

Final Scoreboard:

Drama: 81 (Some, but predictable)
Comedy: 83 (Simply for being silly)
Action: 88 (Interesting, but gets a bit repetitive)
Art/Animation: 89 (Weird mecha, but well drawn)
Sound/Music: 87 (Good music)
Character: 80 (Very one dimensional)
Plot: 80 (Intriguing, but too straight forward)
Ending: 80 (Highly, highly predictable)

Re-watch value: 20 - I see no need

Overall: 80 - Amusing, but that's about it

Recommendation: Yes it is very amusing. If it were just a short series, I'd totally recommend it for the shock value. But being a long series, I'm really not sure what it actually worth the time you have to commit. It's a toss-up.

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yoekix said...

it is not worth the watch for the story.
it is not worth the watch for the character development either.

And somehow i just can't delete it from my hard drive, amazing.