Sunday, March 15, 2009

White Album: The Case of Mr Nice Guy, Part 2

Currently finished: Episode 9

Ever since the second episode, every time I watch White Album, I want to slap someone or punch someone in the story. Most time it's the main guy.

Once you've seen enough of the "Mr Nice Guy" story, you actually learn an important lesson for life: Being nice is ok, but being too nice usually isn't. Because it often results in the situation of carrying too much responsibility. Sooner or later it'll reach the limit of a single person could carry, but everybody else still expect to pile on more. The end result is somebody is going to get hurt from it.

Ok, enough about how I see this story as a lesson for life, let's get back to the story. In many aspect, part of it start to look like a chunk of Nana, where all relationship start to fall apart. The difference, though, is that the person receiving the favor from the main guy actually tried and successfully prevented the main guy making a mistake. Good for her.

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