Sunday, March 1, 2009

Clannad After Story: Sad to the Touch

Currently finished: Episode 19

If you aren't ready to shed some tears, you should never watch anything produced by Key/VisualArt, because that's what they do.

Early episodes of Clannad After Story have been nothing but fillers. Though it somewhat contributed to the major event, I think they're insignificant enough that the story would work just as well without them.

The recent episodes, however, has been giant waves of sadness that I constantly finding tears silently escaping my eyes. It's a beautiful yet sad story. Even though I knew what was coming (I've seen the movie), I still couldn't prepare myself for the highly intense emotional moment that knocked me over like a small tree in a hurricane. But this is why I love tragedies. There's nothing else could give you the kind of stir in emotion like this.

While I'm happy about getting the dose of tragedy, there are still something that concerns me: There are four more episodes yet to come, and at the rate they're going, they might completely erase the effect of tragedy and turn it into a big happy ending. I'd much rather see they to continue play up on the sadness instead of reversing it. They're going to ruin a perfect tragedy.

New score: 90 (Previous: 87) ~ All the sadness

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