Saturday, March 21, 2009

[Backlog][ONA] Hoshizora Kiseki (星空キセキ)

This is a simple story of a girl who likes astronomy discovers how she came to such affection towards the stars in the sky. Too many things in this story are just all too ambiguous. After finishing the anime, all I can say is "Huh?" It's not quite the level of "WTF?", but it's definitely in that region. The unique thing about this anime, is that they did not go with the general trend of "sacrifice one, save the rest" plot line that most stories nowaday adopt. The "why should I have to sacrifice myself for the greater good" question become the key issue when it comes to the conclusion of the story.

In my opinion, this anime really doesn't have much to offer. So unless you really have too much time to burn. Don't bother with it.

Score: 70

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