Friday, March 13, 2009

[Dropped] Kuragane no Linebarrels

Gonzo was once my most favorite anime production studio, but with Kuragane no Linebarrels as the final blow, I will no longer favor Gonzo's anime over other other production studio in the future.

Kuragane no Linebarrels, is not nearly as bad of an anime as some of their other recent works (e.g. Tower of Druaga). But some other factor causes it to slip down to the absolute bottom on the list of 20-some onging anime series that I actively follow. So when there's a shortage on time, it's the first to go.

In my opinion, the problem lies partially in the fact they made the main character too big of a douche in the beginning. He was so douche early on, no matter what he does in the later episode, he'll always be remembered as the "douche who got superpower". That really seals the fate of this anime, because douche bags is just something I couldn't stand for long period of time. And that is the reason Linebarrels get dumped before Tower of Druaga.

Dropout score: 55 ~ Disappointing

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