Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Tower of Druaga The Sword of Uruk: Converged

Currently finished: Episode 10

I've been bashing this series ever since its first season. But after seeing the most recent episodes, I start to see the caliber of complexity of the story that I do not see early on. It start to feel like the layout almost similar to Stand Alone Complex or Dennou Coil where there are drop-in blocks all over the place, but they only become useful towards the end.

However, even though the cleverness of the plot layout changes my opinion towards the overall story, I still think they have sidetracked way too much throughout the series. If they compact some parts and get rid of all the fillers, I think they could fit the whole story into a single season. That would have been much better.

New Score: 80 (Previous: 65) ~ Connecting the dots

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