Monday, March 23, 2009

April 2009 New Anime Season Preview

April is one of the bigger anime seasons of the the year, it is no exception this year. Even though it's not nearly as big as October season, there are still 24 new series that I believe to have good potentials. Adding 24 new animes onto my list is no laughing matter. But luckily, most January seasons are short series. So my time slot should be able to start to free up when the April new season arrives. Let's take a quick look at what April has for us:


In a gothic fantasy world, a orphaned slave with mystical past are being chased by the force of Empire.

Forecast: The art work sure look nice, the story also sounds interesting

Asura Cryin'

A story revolve around a boy who's haunted by a ghost girl who is his childhood friend. (?!)

Forecast: Sounds interesting enough...


A Sports sci-fi (seriously?!) anime about basketball...

I don't know, sports anime usually doesn't last too long for me...

Before Green Gables

Prequel to supposedly famous Anne Shirley book series.

Forecast: I don't know, somehow I don't see this one lasting long...

Cobra: Rokunin no Yuushi

It's either a re-make or a sequel to a really really old anime called Space Adventure Cobra, which is a story about space pirate.

Forecast: I'm already not liking its art style....

Eden of the East

From the author of Honey and Clover, comes a story about a girl who met a man with mysterious past.

Forecast: I loved Honey and Clover, I will hold this one to the same high standards as well

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The second TV series to Fullmetal Alchemist.

Forecast: I was never a huge fan of the first series, but I'm willing to see what they have to offer in this new series...

Guin Saga

In a fantasy world, a person named Guin who lost his memory roams around the country to save people from demonic creatures.

Forecast: Looks like a typical fantasy anime, 50/50 it'll go either way...

Hanasakeru Seishounen

Seems to be a story for gal who's forced into a arranged political/business marriage.

Forecast: I do like the art. The story is based on an 80's manga. I think it's most likely a keeper.

Hatsukoi Gentei

From the author of Ichigo 100%, comes a complicated story of love lives of eight school girls.

Forecast: I actually read some of the Hatsukoi Gentei manga. And I loved Ichigo 100%. This one is a keeper.


Story about a high school music club.

Forecast: Not so sure about this...

Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Linchou

No clue what's about, but from the name, it has something to do with student body president.

Forecast: Looks a bit too childish...

Natsu no Arashi

A boy meets an older girl, then something strange happens.

Forecast: Sounds too wild, I'll mark it as maybe...

Pandora Hearts

Something to do with magic, not exactly sure what the story is yet. But it looks pretty. I was actually planning to start reading the manga.

Forecast: Looks very pretty, but having learned the lesson from Nabari no Ou, pretty anime isn't necessarily good...

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

A story about some assassin. That reminds me I need to dig out the OVA and finish it before I start to watch this...

Forecast: I might be able to tell you more once I watched the OVA...

Queen's Blade

In a country that the Queen is selected by a tournament every 4 years, many worriors comes from different places to compete.

Forecast: Hm...Girls, with big boobs, dressed in chainmail bikini beating each other up. What could go wrong here?

Ristorante Paradiso

Seems to be a story about a restruaunt. That's all I can find out...

Forecast: Both the art and story seems similar to Bartender, which was an excellent anime. I'll put this one down as maybe.


A girl who's very skill with Mahjong got dragged into the mahjong club. But she hates Mahjong.

Forecast: I always liked playing mahjong, I think this one ought to be interesting.

Sengoku Basara

A story occurs during the warring period in Japan.

Forecast: I'm not that interested in Japanese history, this probably gonna get dropped early...


Another story based off the whole global warming crap.

Forecast: It's made by Gonzo, in the past I'd have high expectation, but not any more...

Tears to Tiara

Another typical fantasy adventure story that was originally a visual novel by Leaf.

Forecast: After seeing White Album, I'm really not that impressed Leaf any more. This can go either way...

Valkyria Chronicles

A war anime about the world in a fictional 1930's world.

Forecast: War and politics, if made well, it could be a really good one.

Shinkyoku Sokai Polyphonica Crimson S

Continues where the first series left off.

Forecast: Looking forward to it, mostly because I want to know the back stories about Crimson Annihilate.

Tayutama - Kiss on my Diety -

Another fox diety anime?

Forecast: Japanese sure has a fetish on fox ears and tails...


Unknown said...

hmm...i guess i liked 07-Ghost the best, sice i read the manga and thought it was good, the others i don't perticly hav any feelings...i like creativity the best i guess~~

i checked Asura Cryin' and thought it was a pretty normal anime, now im gonna check Pandora Hearts....checking....checking....found it, um...don't even like the beggining, but it might get better~~

Anonymous said...

the one's that strike me most are 07-Ghost and Asura cryin' but what do i no lol =P
i plan to check them all out and hope that they are all good ^__^