Sunday, March 22, 2009

[Ended] To Aru Majutsu no Index: The End?!

My fear had come true. The end of Index is not really the end of the story, it's just an end of a regular arc, not even a snowballed arc. I think I named this the Rental Magica Syndrome a while back since that's the first anime I reviewed in my blog has such problem.

Obviously, the epilogue is telling us there is already a sequel in production, so this is merely the end of the first segment of a multi-season series. So this is really no more than a mid-season break.

One other problem with the series, is the fact it doesn't really have a overarching main plot. Usually, it makes the series a light drama by definition. In this case, however, Index isn't really quite fitted to be a light drama because light drama tend to have only loosely coupled elements between different arcs where as in Index, several arcs are actually closely related.

The story is far from complete. Just like Vampire Knigh, Tower of Druaga, Index is meant to be a two parter (or multi-parter) where for some odd reason they decided to not to run the whole thing at once. In certain aspect it's a good idea because it could avoid the problem of having too much garbage fillers that comsumes a good series and turn them into something completely worthless like they did to Bleach. However, I think they need a better execution. Shakugan no Shana is a primal example of how a multi-season story can be made where there isn't too much hanging loose at the end of the season.

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 85 (Definitely enough of that)
Comedy: 80 (Some funny parts)
Action: 90 (Great action scenes)
Art/Animation: 90 (Very nice)
Sound/Music: 95 (Great BGM)
Character: 85 (Lots of them...)
Plot: 75 (Too loose)
Ending: 60 (It's not...)

Re-watch value: 60 (Some parts are still entertaining)

Overall (not average): 80 ~ There is no ending yet...

Recommendation: I'm pretty positive they'll make a second season of it. As it stands right now, it has lots of potential. A proper termination to the story in the next season would be great. It may upset you for the lack of ending, but I think it's still a worth a while anime to watch.


Anonymous said...

i agree with what you're saying they've definetly made it so there will be no pointless fillers. however i am annoyed with how the've left it so up in the air, but if the creators put their attention on this it will be a good series.

Anonymous said...

The "Ending" (I know it's not) did come too fast, and at the end of the episode it seemed like they tried to wrap it up as fast as possible, only giving us a few seconds to know what happened to other characters. I do look forward for the next part.

Anonymous said...

They did a side story, no?
Just watch that until comes the new episodes.

ps i know i'm bad at english lol

Anonymous said...

The sidestory is named

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

I thought the season had completely ended , im so glad its not , when i saw the girl i though , "Oh great they took some of the characters and made a lame anime" , i cant wait for the next season , i didnt like the way it ended and that it had only 24 episodes .

Anonymous said...

I would say that I was a little dissapointed with the way it ended and all, but was still greatly entertained. While you may call this a ''worth while'' anime, I would definitely call this a great anime to watch and suggest many people to take some time out of their day to watch this. I'm ultimately looking forward to season 2 though! P.S. : Bleach should be given up on, unless you're a die-hard fan. P.S.S. : Shakugan no Shana is awesome! Looking forward to the new season of it coming soon! Hopefully!

Anonymous said...

hey Toaru Kagaku no railgun is finished with one ova right, how about second season of index? will they making it or it just off right there with railgun.

The Evil Cat said...

I somehow doubt they were trying to make Railgun the "true" sequel to Index. At the moment, I haven't heard of anything about the sequel to Index yet. Maybe they're waiting for the manga to write the plot for the next index, or maybe they are just going to use this anime as an advertisement for the manga, who knows.