Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wagaya no Oinarisama (Ended): Another Weak Snowball

A while back, when I made a comment about Wagaya no Oinarisama being a snowball anime, I hoped that it doesn't suffer the same fate as Rental Magica where the snowball doesn't roll into a good size before it terminates. Well, sadly enough, it happened again just like that. However, it's slightly different than Rental Magica. Rental Magica had a somewhat evolving plotline where it piles on more snow as it rolled; As for Wagaya no Oinarisama, the snowball effect only adds more character. As for the effects on the overall plot, well, there is no main plot, so it really couldn't be affected. The whole anime is just a collection of many short stories featuring the same characters with someone new added every time. It almost feels like the sole purpose of this anime is to somewhat get people hooked with the characters, so when the anime is over, people would want to go buy and read the manga. If that's really the case, I have to say they're pretty successful because now I am a bit hooked with the series and do want to go find the mangas to read.

Final scoreboard (out of 5):

Drama: 4 (On and off, there are shot drama segments)
Comedy: 3 (Not really its focal point)
Action: 3 (Mostly ok, but there are some cheesy parts)
Art/Animation: 4.5 (I love the fox)
Sound/Music: 4 (Above average, I guess)
Character: 4 (Many, some have depth, others don't)
Plot: 3 (There aren't really any)
Ending: 2 (Oddly attached)

Re-watch value: 3 (Maybe if you just like to see the art)

Overall (not average): 3.5 ~ Average as a whole, but interesting concepts

Recommendation: It's hard to recommend it because nothing stands out about this anime. However, it's still interesting. I'd say put this on your time filler list, that is, if you happened to have a block of time to allocate and don't know what you should watch.

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