Saturday, September 20, 2008

Special A (Ended): Typical Ending

The ending of Special A, is the most typical ending you'd find for most comedy-romance animes. You'd have seen it coming even before the series reaches the half way mark. However, I happened to think this type of ending is the most approprate ending for it (asides from the more creative ones). Because comedy is the main focus here, ending it this way doesn't make it any worse off. Finally, Gonzo managed to make a comedy that I feel it's the top of the line. Well done.

Final scoreboard (out of 5):

Drama: 4 (There are actually quite some dramas)
Comedy: 5 (One of the best I've seen lately)
Action: 4 (A bit over exaggerated)
Art/Animation: 4 (A bit to skinny, but still good)
Sound/Music: 4.5 (I like the theme songs as well as the score)
Character: 5 (Character rich)
Plot: 4 (That's not the focus, but for what they have, not bad)
Ending: 4 (Very typical, but not bad)

Re-watch value: 3 (Could get some more laughs out of some episodes)

Overall (not average): 4,75 ~ Well made comedy anime

Recommendation: I'm pretty sure this is going to be my pick of Best Comedy of 2007. Highly recommended.

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