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October 2008 New Anime Season Preview

Alright, it's almost October again, which means the biggest new anime season of the year is right around the corner. I thought this April was a big season. But after some digging on the internet, I found out that October season is even bigger. Man I'm going to be so busy in October. If the turn out rate is as good as April season (20 out of 24 reviewed are keepers), I don't know where I'm going to find the time to watch them all.

Since there are too many new series coming up, I have to first weed out those that I'm not likely to watch at all. I applied four filters to limit the number of previews: Series that looks too stupid; A Sequel to something I've already rejected; Sports anime; and BL (a.k.a. Gay) animes. I think the rough count of new series is 28. Oh, yeah, all Gundam animes are automatically filtered out, too. No need to waste time on them.

Vampire Knight Guilty

This is one of the most highly anticipated series. Hopefully, it could wrap up what they left off from season one without going to season 3.

Forecast: It's definitely on my TO WATCH list.


Something to do with galactic warfare in a imaginary universe.

Forecast: Hard to tell at the moment

To aru Majutsu no Index (とある魔術の禁書目録)

Some random dude got involved with some weird stuff when a sister calls herself "Index" appeared. Has something to do with magic.

Forecast: Sounds interesting, I do like its art style.

Skip Beat!

I've seen its manga before, the art style was not particularly the type I like. It's an anime about someone's singer career. I'm usually not keen on this type of anime. But there are exceptions such as Fullmoon. I'll have to see.

Forecast: I'll at least give it a couple of episodes...

Mitchiko to Hatchin (ミチコとハッチン)

A story of a super duper diva helps a girl to escape her brutal foster parents. The trailer makes it looks somewhat like Black Lagoon. The art style is not the kind I'm particular fond of.

Forecast: I'll give it 4 episodes...

Macademi Wasshoi! (まかでみWAっしょい!)

Something to do with magic again, in a magic academy. It looks like a pointless comedy type.

Forecast: I don't know how much more pointless comedies I can stand before the year ends...

Kyo no Go no Ni (今日の5の2)

There was an OVA with same title came out in 2006. It's a Azumanga Daioh style comedy, and it's hilarious. It's about daily lives of a group of 5th graders. If the TV is anywhere near the quality of the OVA was, this would definitely be a keeper.

Forecast: Looking forward to it...

Linebarrels of Iron (鉄のラインバレル)

Something to do with somebody got hurt and woke up with strange power to rebel against something. ( sounds very familiar, oh yeah, Code Geass. Even its art style looks like Code Geass.) Oh, one more thing, this is an anime produced by Gonzo, I'll definitely be all over it.

Forecast: It's Gonzo, unless it's really really bad, I'll probably see to the end of it...

Ga-Rei -Zero- (喰霊-零-)

Some guy with supernatural ability meets some girl with supernatural ability (it always happens that way). Together they're finding and kill evil spirits.

Forecast: The art style seems very elegant, the type I like, I think this might be a keeper...

Ef ~ A Tale of Melody

It's said to be the sequel of Ef - A Tale of Memories, though I'm not sure whether the characters from season one are going to appear again. Those who followed my blog last year would know that I speak highly about Ef - A Tale of Memories. Though they manage steer away from the type of ending I like, I still think it's a great anime. It combines music and visual effects to create a atmosphere that touches deeply in your heart. I expect no less of this new series.

Forecast: Oh yeah, this is definitely a keeper...

Casshern Sins

About a cyborg fighting robot armies that wants to rule the earth. Sounds much like a classic robot anime.

Forecast: I think this one going to get dump quick, I just don't have enough interests in this type of things...

Alive Saishu Shinka teki Shounen (アライブ 最終進化的少年)

I've seen the manga somewhere, but I don't remember anything. It's about a boy, in a time where everybody either "evolve" or commit suicide. Apparently, there is a grander plot behind all these.

Forecast: I'd put this one down as a wild card, not sure what to expect for it...

Zettai SHougeki ~Platonic Heart~

I'm not quite sure what it is about, it sure has many girls with big boobs. It has a video game like art touch to it. And it's a 5 episode OVA.

Forecast: I think I can finish a 5 episode OVA, besides, I do like its art style...

Goku Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei (獄・さよなら絶望先生)

More story about the suicidal teacher and his weird students. It was funny at the beginning, but it get way too repetitive. This is a two episode OVA.

Forecast: I think I'll pass on this one...

Tetsudo Mesume ~Girls be ambitious~ (鉄道むすめ ~Girls be ambitious~)

Seems to be a show about a bunch of girls works in subway. This kind of career animes are usually hit or miss. There has been some good one in the past like Rescue Wings.

Forecast: There's a 50/50 chance for it to go either way...


The description I can find are all too confusing. All I've gotten out of is some dude run into a blog site that predicts murder case, and there is a picture of a cute girl in the anime.

Forecast: It looks pretty good, sounds interesting, and it supposed to be a combination of horror, psychological, romance, scifi, supernatural, thriller, it gotta be something good, right?

Shikabane Hime: Aka (屍姫 赫)

The title literally means "corpse princess". It's about some undead girl to go hunt down 108 corpses to go to heaven. (Hm..., that sounds familiar...oh yeah, there's a tv series called Brimstone)

Forecast: I do like its art style, and it's always fun to watch hot girl slicing up zombies, right?

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens (かんなぎ)

Some art student carved a statue which come to life. They now work together to destroy the impurities gathering.

Forecast: Sounds like a good comedy idea. We'll see...

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (地獄少女 三鼎)

The third installment of Jigoku Shoujo. I somewhat liked the first series, but not so for the second series, because it's just the same thing over and over again. The third, I'll probably watch the first episode, and if it couldn't grab me, it's gone.

Forecast: It's all depending on the quality of episode one.

Tales of the Abyss

One of those typical fantasy anime. It doesn't seem to bear anything special quality.

Forecast: Probably only going on my watch list if I have enough free time.

Hokuto no Ken Raoh Gaiden: Ten no Haoh (北斗の拳 ラオウ外伝 天の覇王)

Supposed to be a spin-off to the infamous Fist of the North Star. I was never a big fan of it any way.

Forecast: I'll probably just sample one episode and throw it away...

Yozakura Quartet (夜桜四重奏 ~ヨザクラカルテット~)

Four teenage heros all have some special ability except the token boy. They protect the city from supernatural threats. The art looks pretty good. Looks like another light comedy/action anime.

Forecast: I'd give it a couple episodes, but I think it'll probably on my to watch list.

Nodame Cantabile: Paris (のだめカンタービレ 巴里編)

OMG! The anime I awarded "Best Comedy of 2007" is making a come back.

Forecast: There is no question about that there will be a spot for this one on my TO WATCH list...

Kuroshitsuji (黒執事)

Another anime about butler. Though this one has much elegant look than the recent butler animes.

Forecast: I think I'll put this one down as a wildcard.

Clannad After Story

Clannad could have made the best tragedy of the year if they haven't decide to detach the ending and make it into a movie. However, the original Clannad is still a piece of fine art. I'm not sure where this "after story" going to lead us, but it's from Key/VisualArts animation production, and I trust them in producing quality animes (especially tragedies :-))

Forecast: This is also an automatic qualify onto my TO WATCH list because of the original series.

Toradora! (とらドラ! )

A school comedy about a gentle but mean looking guy and a really mean girl. Sounds like a great comedy idea.

Forecast: I like the art style, as well as its concept. I think it could be a winner in comedy category...

Rosario + Vampire Capu2

Oh, I don't know. The first season didn't impress me at all, I somehow doubt this season will.

Forecast: Even though it's produced by Gonzo, it's still not enough to earn a definite spot on my to watch list...

Hyakko (ヒャッコ)

I have no idea what this one is about, aside from the obvious that it has something to do with school life.

Forecast: Since I know nothing about it, I'll just put it down as a wild card.

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