Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Special A: It's a Winner

Special A is fast approaching the tipping point of a unbeatable edge over all other series in this year in the comedy category. In fact, I have no problem awarding Special A the Best Comedy of 2008 without even seeing the October line-ups. But I'll let it play fair: I'll at least look at the first several episodes of October line-up before I decide who the Best Comedy of 2008 award goes to.

So far, it is hands down the best comedy of the year. The only one that comes even close is Clannad. But Clannad is not going to compete in the comedy category. On top of that, the comedies in Clannad are always foreshadowed by the upcoming tragedies in the later episodes.

One thing that Special A did so well is that every comedy moment has a blatant side and a subtle side, and they were mixed so perfectly.

One thing I'm unsure at the moment is how it's going to end. There is the obvious one. There is also the unfinished one. At the moment, I really can't think of a way they could mess up the ending. Since Gonzo is behind the production of this series, I wouldn't worry too much. Although the ending similar to Ouran High School Host Club is probably best to terminate a series like this, a normal "hang-over" ending wouldn't be too bad either.

New rating (out of 5): 4.75 (net gain: +0.25) ~ Just Great

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