Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Quick Summary of New Series from April 2008 Season

There are total 24 new series from April 2008 I'm actively following. I think 90% of the new series came out in April are accounted for. The other 10%, I'm either totally not interested (like Code Gease season 2, I'm through with CLAMP, until they finish up X manga, I'm probably not going to watch another series by CLAMP), or it's clearly not going to fit my taste.

This is a quick overview of these series:

By Genre:

Toshokan Senso (Library War), Nijuu Mensou no Musume, Crystal Blaze, Da Capo II Second Season, Himitsu - Top Secret, Kurenai, Vampire Knight, Nabari no Ou, Wagaya no Oinarisama
Comedy: Itazura no Kiss, Special A, Kamen no Maid Guy, To Love Ru, Kanokon
Mecha: Macross Frontier, Blassreiter
Scifi: RD Sennou Chosashitsu, Zettai Karen Children
Fantasy: Allison and Lillia, Neo Angelique Abyss, The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk, Amatsuki
Weird (other): Monochrom Factor, Soul Eater

By Tone:

Super Light:
Kanokon, To Love Ru, Kamen no Maid Guy
Light: Wagaya no Oinarisama, The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk, Soul Eater, Zettai Karen Children, Special A, Itazura na Kiss
Normal: Amatsuki, Neo Angelique Abyss, Allison and Lillia, Da Capo II Second Season, Nijuu Mensou no Musume, Toshokan Senso (Library War)
Semi-Dark: Nabari no Ou, Vampire Knight, Kurenai, Monochrome Factor, Macross Frontier, Crystal Blaze, RD Sennou Chosashitsu
Dark: Himitsu - Top Secret, Blassreiter

My Personal Recommendation:

Looks Good: Toshokan Senso (Library War), Soul Eater, Vampire Knight, Nabari no Ou
Has Potential: Nijuun Mensou no Musume, Kamen no Maid Guy, Macross Frontier, Da Capo II Second Season, Allison and Lillia, Himitsu - Top Secret, The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk, Wagaya no Oinarisama
Impreovment Needed: Itazura na Kiss, Crystal Blaze, Special A, Zettai Karen Children, Blassreiter, ToLoveRu, Kurenai, Kanokon
Looks Like It's Gonna Suck: RD Sennou Chosashitsu, Neo Angelique Abyss, Amatsuki
Probably going to be elimiated soon: Monochrome Factor

My Top Pick in Drama category goes to (drum roll)...

My Top Pick in Comedy category goes to (more drum roll)...

My Top Pick in Mecha/Scifi/Fantasy/Other category goes to (even more drum roll) ...

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