Monday, April 14, 2008

April 2008 New Anime: Vampire Knight

Genres: Vampire / Drama / Action
I've watched: 1 episode
Art style: Elegant / Hard Edge / Petite

Summary: There is a boarding school for both human and vampires (and some how even those vampire students only come out at night, no students in school ever suspect a thing. ?!!!) The adopted daughter and somewhat adopted son of the headmaster are the only students know about it, who server as class prefect to keep things in order. Their families were both hurt by the vampires when they were young.

Rating (of 5) - first impresion: 4.5 ~ Another well made drama/comedy mix

Recognized voice talent: Yui Horie (堀江由衣): Probably best known as Yoko from Inukami, and Naru from Love Hina.

Personal comments: This is another somewhat serious drama with comedy. It's a very interesting concept. It has even more outrageous comedy mix-ins than Nabari no Ou. Very well done.

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