Sunday, May 18, 2008

Da Capo II Second Season: Foreshadow

Currently finished: Episode 4

I think episode 4 is the part of the series that foreshadowing some coming events. This technique has been used in many anime series where a small event occurs early in the story actually signifies the end result of the big event.

If that is the case here, that means they're going to eventually "fix" everything in the end. In my opinion, that sucks.

Happy endings are seen way too often. It'll be nice to see some good efforts go unrewarded, or even some good efforts backfires. I do not favor the usual "good guy always gets the good ending" scheme very much. I'd prefer to see some "too bad, life sucks, and you're in it" scheme to be used more often.

Anyway, back to the main topic, if I didn't read it wrong, it looks like there are probably going to be some "divine interventions" towards the end of series that make things turn out to be on the happy side.

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