Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 2008 New Anime: Wagaya no Oinarisama

Genres: Miko / Spiritual / Supernatural
I've watched: 1 episode
Art style: Common

Summary: Noboru and Toru are two brothers of a family decent that has power of water to ward off demons. When Toru is being tracked by a demon, an ancient fox spirit who was seal by their Toru's family was awaken to help ward it off. Instead of putting her back into sleep, they decide to let her follow them around and protect them.

Rating (of 5) - first impression: 4.5 ~ Miko is not quite my thing, but the fox spirit looks quite intersting

Personal comments: Fox ear/wolf ear has been a popular thing in recent manga/animes. The concept of this anime is somewhat old. But there are some new and interesting aspects from this anime that is worth looking into. On top of that, I really like the art work on the wolf spirit.

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