Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Toshokan Senso: Speechless (In a good way)...

Currently finished: Episode 6

At first, I only thought the concept is interesting, the exaggerations are funny. As the story goes on, I was awed by its creativeness of the author. I mean I can't really think of any other anime take the raw exaggeration to this level yet still keeps a straight face.

Normally, with this much of exaggeration, the sense of "normal world" start to break down. Usually, some extreme comedy are used to cover it up so it is still smooth and enjoyable. But Toshokan Senso didn't bother with any. It presented this outrageous world "as is", and the audiences have to take it at its face value.

So many times, a scene goes by and I tell myself "man, that's just ridiculous". But that doesn't translate into any negative impacts against the show, nor does it seem to fuel it to become the outrageous comedy that a show like this would normally become.

So far the story has been nothing short of completely amazing.

Second thought (of 5): 4.5 (Net gain: +0.5) ~ You'll have to see it to understand...

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