Thursday, March 3, 2011

[Poll] About the Poll Results

My January 2011 new anime poll is now closed. The result, I have to say generally falls along the line what I was expecting, although GOSICK coming out on the top was a slight surprise. As you can see, out of the random sample of all anime viewers (I like to think that, it makes my poll numbers look more important than they really are), it's pretty clear what I predicted early on in the season was correct: there are no clear "winners" in this season, the poll numbers are all over the place. However, we do have some clear losers, but they're not worth discussing about so I'll just jump right over to the pole positions. The top 5 according to the poll lines up like this:
  2. Yumekui Merry
  3. Beezlebub
  4. Dragon Crisis
  5. Level E
and within one vote to the No.5 position, we also have IS: Infinite Stratos and Kore wa Zombie Desuka? It's sad that Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika didn't make it onto the list because that is one damn good anime. I think it might have something to do with people tend to stereotyping magical girl animes and just skip out on it without even looking.

While I can see GOSICK deserves a top five spot, and understand why it holds the top spot, it's still be bit surprise that it had pull that far ahead of everybody else. GOSICK is literally a puzzle anime that feeds you one piece of the giant puzzle at a time, at this point, there's still a lack of compelling central plot to follow up on. But I do admit everything else has been pretty well done.

Yumikui Merry, Dragon Crisis, Level E are all among my picks for the top five, I'm glad to see that most people out there think the same.

In the case of Beezlebub, more I watch it, more I learned to mentally block out the naked baby when it appears so it doesn't bother me that much any more. I'd agree it probably belongs in the top five.

Then there's Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? I think it had a late surge in the poll because there are some turning events that made it so much better than it was. If it had arrived a tad earlier, it would have a really good chance in getting in the top five.

Now, about IS: Infinite Stratos. Apparently, harem sells. I really don't see anything in the plot at the moment that would justify it being anywhere close to the top five of the season. It literally is just a simple harem building process so far. As I stated in previous posts, there's not even an compelling reason that anybody should be so interested in IS. So if you have voted IS to be in the top five, would you mind telling me why you have chosen it instead of...anything else?

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yoekix said...

Don't really remember if i participated in the poll, if so then it was a while ago and i wouldn't have added the series that i picked up meanwhile.
I can say my own top 5 consist of:
1.Yumekui Merry
2. Level E
3. dragon crisis
The list is the eagerness i have to see the next episode.

i to have started to be less disturbed by the naked baby of beelzebub (still gets awkward when you are discussing an episode with your friend though)

Now to the others, while zombie may be becoming good and i almost died of laughter, i don't think it deserves a high place YET. Mainly because it is hard to see what follows, it is true that it took a good turn but after that it was back down the slope for me (not as the same rate that Index has or something) for now i'm between liking and "can't wait for the next ep".

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika, i didn't start on this yet, i will wait for all the episodes to be aired before i take a look (remember i'm only watching this on your advise, no pressure though :p).

IS, ..., well eh, it sucks is the right sentence for it. My mecha nerdness aside, it has little or rather absolutly no story whatsoever, i have seen animes with harems, but this is a bit going over the top. it is pretty clear that IS isn't going to be something special soon, so for now i have shifted the series into my "going to delete that as soon as the series end" list. So, i don't think IS should receive any place near the top 5. Why it stays popular baffles me to, almost everyone of my friends who also watches anime and is watching this series have something like: "why do i keep watching this?". but it is also true that they keep watching maybe because they have hope.
don't really know, if harem is the main reason why it sells i would say i wouldn't like to know the majority of the anime watchers...